Welcome to Ybody Glitter Tattoos

Formally known as Sparkling Tattoos

Our Stencils

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Our stencils are Self Adhesive and made with 3-layers in order to provide fast application and top quality.
They are made out of thick vinyl and are sturdy to use even when the details are small or delicate. 

We work with flat rate regardless of size, our prices change according to quantity. the more you buy the less you end up paying per unit.

We do have an exclusive line of stencil that cost more, the reason is they are harder to produce and take more time and material, naturally they offer more intricate design, normally you can charge more for them if you are selling your products and charging per tattoo.



Custom Stencils

We offer custom order stencils; we can transform your logo into a great stencil that can be use for promotions
and advertising! All you need to do is send us a copy of your artwork and we can give you an estimate.
Usually there is a $50 set up fee for the first order and a minimum order of 50 units, the unit price
will be determined by
the general amount of stencils your entire order contains. For exact pricing and
turnaround please email us at bodyart.usa@gmail.com