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Formally known as Sparkling Tattoos

The Original Pink Glue by Ybody

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The Original Pink Glue is the first glue that was ever developed for glitter tattoos, it is FDA registered and manufactured Exclusively to Ybody, LTD. The Glue was also successfully tested by the European Health Administration, it is waterproof and can last anywhere from 3 to 13 days on the skin.


(like some of our competitors but only lasts 3 days or less.. )

How Many Tattoos? One 15ml bottle contains enough glue for about 80-100 applications.

Drying Period: it is best to apply the glitter powder after the glue turns transparent,
it will continue to bond to the skin for the next 2 hours.

Color: the glue is pink, and will turn transparent after a few seconds.

Storing: To maintain the quality of the glue: make sure the bottle is sealed tight after each application,
since it was developed for quick-drying.

Shelf Life: if unopened and kept in room temp, the glue will last for 5 years.

Colorini - Henna-Free Henna

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The Colorini colors are the best and safest way to create a black tattoo that lasts.It is alcohol based and can be easily removed
with rubbing alcohol.

May stain clothing and fabrics. Some colors may separate
when not used therefor we recommend to shake the


bottle well before each use. if the consistency get to be too thick
you may consider mixing one part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts Colorini.
This Product is NOT suitable for children under 3 years old,
Not recommended for sensitive skin areas. (i.e. above the shoulders)


The Colorini helps create a very elegant and professional looking glitter tattoos, the edge of the design will be  sharp and crisp and will add a unified background. You can Add glitter to the color while its still wet, but once it is dry the glitter powder will no longer adhere. We recommend working in sequence in small areas since the Colorini dries in seconds.

The Colorini has many great qualities that will allow artists a great range of painting effects. Some of the colors
are opaque and others  are transparent, they blend perfectly even after one of the s
hades may be dry.
Try to experiment with rubbing alcohol like you would with watercolors.
Click to visit our gallery for color charts