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Formally known as Sparkling Tattoos

Glitter Polyester Powders- Cosmetic Grade

Our Entire Cosmetic glitter line and all colors and shades are now available for sale at our new online glitter tattoo store, visit www.YbodyUSA.com
Our glitter powder are very fine Make-up grade polyester that is safe to use, we have over 50 colors in our catalog and many other special powders for wedding bridal decoration, nail design and ferry dust. 
all our glitter powders can be used for Lipsticks, Foundations, Rouges, Fiber Paint, Faux Paint, Coloring Candles, Coloring Soaps, Coloring Paint &  Resin. Stampers use this in embossing cardstock and other heat set designs, add some mica powder to your clear, black or white embossing powders to create your own unique heat set colors. Glass Artists use this in fusing techniques and much more.
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Metallic Glitter:
Our Metallic sparkle glitter powders (all polyester)are perfect for glitter tattoos, glitter eye liner, Air brush and body deco, fashion, printing, flower decorations and more. It has an opaqe covarage and looks fantastic on every application! For best color mixing results it is recommended  to work with similar shades.


Laser Glitter:

The Laser colors gives dazzling rainbow sparkle in every shade (almost like a hidden rainbow effect)
if mixed with metallic shade it can add special effect to any design and will draw more attention!

Lazer Glitter colors work well for face painting, glitter eyeliner and for spreading ofer wet henna paste.


 Crystalline Glitter:

Crystalline powders can make a stunning body decorations that appear and disappear to movements
of the light!!! it is transparent and allow the color of the skin to show through while giving a sparkly hidden effect. They are truly magical and work well for face painting, glitter eyeliner and for spreading over wet henna paste. (note: we have some Crystalline glitters that will glow in black light but they are still going to be transparent in daylight.. if you are interested in UV only scroll down to see the UV glitter family)


 UV Glitter:
The UV glitter is sensitive to ultra violet light (black light)! it comes in 6 shade of NEON colors and looks very bright in daylight. however it does not sparkle as much and give more flat even look. the shades mix together very well and is highly suggested to use for clubs body decorations and special stage shows!!! The results are amazing! 


Mica Powder:
Mica powder is purified and crushed mica minerals. It is available in a variety of different colors that go from dazzling silver or gold tones to muted. Some Mica powders have a shimmer effect that makes them also called glitter. Mica looks fantastic on tattoos and can also be used on wet henna and other body make up / lipstick applications.  



Bridal Glitter:
The first most natural color for a bride is the pure white, the Platinum that gives a perfect, virgin white look. Another pure color that gives a desired look is the Stardust Silver. The platinum powder is pure white!!! giving an astonishing body decorations in professional hands.