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Tattoos For Fundraising

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Our products are often used for fund-raising by schools , churches,school drum lines you name it!
The reason wh your products are so great for this kind of activities is because  the cost per unit is very low and the money generated from it is often grater than 300% ! ! 

See below we have calculated for you the profits you could make if you sold our tattoos for a MINIMUM of $5 each.
remember, most of the tattoo artists we work with choose to sell the tattoos by size and cost can very from $5-$15 each, for demonstration we display here the lowest cost per tattoo but the sky is the limit! 


 ** our kits will always leave you with more glitter and glue to keep on going:) remember that free hand designs are not calculated in the cart below! 

Party Kiy - 30 Tattoos sold at $5 each
 Cost: $39.99  Generates $150 in sales
 $110.00 Profit
Big Party Kiy - 60 Tattoos sold at $5 each Cost: $54.60 Generates $300 in sales  $245.40 Profit
Pro Kit - 100 Tattoos sold at $5 each
 Cost: $116.70 Generates $500 in sales
 $383.30 Profit
Pro Plus Kit - 250 tattoos at $5 each  Cost: $184.99
 Generates $1250 in sales $1065.00 Profit
Pro Business Kit - 500 tattoos at $5 each
 Cost: $294.99 Generates $2500 in sales $2205.00 Profit