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Summer Fun!

Posted on April 20, 2010 at 9:10 AM

It is finally getting warmer! is it me or does it feel as we were in the cold weather forever this year??..

my kids are already wearing shorts when they go to school, and with the excitement of more skin showing come the instant need to becovered with tattoos !


I actually really love it, seeing the excited faces as i bring out my tattoo box. They quickly get to start digging in a box and findthe most desired tattoo (for that specific moment).


Its amazes me how they want to be in control - peal thesticker find a spot and let mommy put t he glue on while they pick the colorsof the day.. I think it is not going to take long before they will just take over my collection and come out of the room all decorated with glitter.. (and you know i will be posting the pics when that happens ! )


It takes about a week before they ask for the tattoo to be removed so they can pick another one ..


I guess it is just another part of summer fun!


I hope this summer will be great for all of you, fun relaxing with a lot of family and friends around!

If you have some pics of your happy family with our tattoosplease send them my way so i can post
them here!


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