Welcome to Ybody Glitter Tattoos

Formally known as Sparkling Tattoos


Squeeze Bottles:
Our Squeeze bottles can contain 12ml of glitter - these
elegant puff bottles are with a soft transparent body
and with back top and bottom. you can buy them empty
and fill them up to your linking! some glitter artist Love t
o work this way and we will soon have them filled and r
eady to ship for you in our store. 


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2 Brush Stet:
Two brushes set- with a wooden handle use the small brush to dip it in the glitter and the large one for removing access glitter and do the "clean up" at the end of the process.




 5 Mini Brush Stet:
Comes in a little acrylic case that keep you organized.  it has a variety of angles and sizes for you to choose and works perfect for Free-Hand designs. fits perfectly inside your kit and can make a perfect addition to any small or large glitter collection.
This brush set had plastic handle and sot and flexible to be used for make up application or eyeliner designs.






Empty 6 -pack pop-up glitter cup:

When you have to deal with high volume of clients (festivals or events that include a large amount of crowd) this is the best set up possible. It allows you to carry 6 glitter shads at a time (or 12 if you carry 2 of them)  and prevents the glitter from spilling and getting picked up by the wind. each cup individually opens to allow quick application and will close back with slight pressure. if you have mini jars that take forevevr to open you may want to pick this up and transfer your glitter to a safer container like this one .. 

if you are in the tattoo business time is money, with this kind of setup you can apply about 30 tattoos in one hour without spending time for twist to open jars. 

can you tell it is our favorite accessory???