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We would like to introduce to you a new concept in the temporary tattoo industry – sparkling tattoos! These tattoos, which are made with makeup-grade ultra-fine glitter,are polyester-based, and are therefore non-allergenic and safe to use on all skin types. With our special cosmetic body glue the tattoos can last on the body anywhere from 3-10 days! (depending on good care.)

This product combines the sparkling fun colors of body painting, together with the longevity effect of henna tattoos. You can always choose to remove it right after the party using any oil based product or keep it for the week and show it off  to your friends. The sparkling tattoos will not come off after a shower so you can impress your friends the next day.

We have hundreds of designs to offer and many dazzling glitter colors for you to choose from. We are also able to create custom made designs or recreate your logo for company functions.  All you have to do is contact us for production time and details.

If you are planning a concert, festival, school function, or just a great party in your back yard, we have the products for you! For more information, contact us at bodyart.usa@gmail.com
or by phone at:804-716-5220

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